Kamran Qureshi’s interview by Ayesha Khan in Nesvita Women of Strength 09 (TV Youth Show) making show.

Kamran Qureshi with family in Nido Young Stars (TV Talk Show).
Interview by Atiqa Odho.

Guest in TV Talk Show “Bushra Bushra” in 2006 by Bushra Ansari.

Guest in Live morning TV show ‘Chai Time’ by Sahir Lohdi in 2005.

Interview by Rafiq Nasir on location of Kingdom of Hearts aka Riyasat (TV Serial) in Dubai, UAE.

She Magzine

She Magzine

March 2004
Interview by Uzma Mazhar

Say the word Mother and the name Kamran Qureshi comes to mind. His name is synonymous with the hit show Ariel Mothers. The show directed by Kamran, hit the right chord with viewers, highlighting emotions linked with the strongest figure in a person’s life – his or her mother. Here the director talks about all things motherly and much… more

Dawn – Images

Dawn – Images

October 2002
Interview by Maryam Juzer

Kamran, the 27-year old owner of the production house, Evergreen, and freelance director extraordinaire, explains: She’s my cousin, last year came to do her internship with me of her Msc in Television Production … The day right after our wedding, I had to go for the shoot… more

TV Documentary episodes: Sons of The Soil, Flying Tigers, and Power of The Sea in Series ‘Hardam Tayyar’ in a war zone 2002.

THE NEWS Director’s Directory

THE NEWS Director’s Directory

THE NEWS Director’s Directory
November 1999 – Interview by Sumeha Malik
The evolution of television into a powerful commercial tool has been a fascinating one. Talent and energies have surged during the fledging years and numerous directors have left an indelible mark. In step sent out standard questionnaires to a group of young, individuals who are blazing a path through the world of camera, lights and action… Kamran working with good banners, plans on continuing in the television circuit. Having more experimental ventures he will go strength to strength and add weight to his reputation. ___SM … more


TV Youth Show ‘One Day Apprentice’ by Neha Ansari on Business Plus TV in 2006.

Can you please explain how many stages are there in film and Tv production?

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