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Feature Film (Pre-Production)

Romantic Drama

Iannis Aliferis

Iram Qureshi

KQ Movies Ltd

Newlyweds Shan and Cat are honeymooning in Scotland when Cat becomes the victim of a fatal skydiving accident, leaving Shan mournful and utterly devastated. 2 years go by and Shan is struggling on unaware that fate is transpiring to embroil him in a love triangle involving his childhood friend Paige, who’s always secretly loved him, and a newly arrived Sikh girl Tiara, daughter of Jyoti’s friend, whom Jyoti wants him to marry. Shan has no wish for a new romance but when his mother gets diagnosed with dementia, he decides to start dating Tiara in order to make her happy. Paige can’t stand back and not react this time round and she too tries to win Shan’s affections. Shan though is not ready to let go of Cat, not until he learns to forgive himself and trust in love once more.


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