Only Love Matters

Only Love Matters

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Feature Film (Pre-Production)

Romantic Drama

Iannis Aliferis

Iram Qureshi

KQ Movies Ltd

Only Love Matters is a romantic drama of an intersex girl, her romance, becoming a mother and struggle for her daughter. This film is inspired by one of his critically and commercially successful films–Murad (Desire), which dealt with the motherhood of an intersex, won Best Director and Best Telefilm Awards at the Indus Telefilm Festival, 2003; also, a Special Award for Acting in the First Indus Drama Awards 2005.

The amour and love of an intersex person for a family and struggle for the rights of people like her. The story of enlightenment, emotions and inspiration raising from impasse of a poor village house to the highest degree of triumph passing through rigorous and sometimes flimsy events of own life.


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