Meharun Nisa

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TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Bushra Ansari, Talat Hussain, Humayun Bin Rather, Sara Loren, Akbar Subhani and Taj Niazi.

Tagline: Fate elevated her to a respected place from the garbage of the prostitution.

Meharun Nisa (Born Forbidden), is a story of a girl who was thrown on garbage after being born as a result of prostitution, picked up by the servant of a rich man and was adopted by his maid Zainab.

BBC, later on, made a documentary about the child and a lady from England went and adopted that baby. When she grew up and watched the documentary somewhere, she came to know who she was and what happened with her. She went to meet that lady, Zainab, who adopted her first and was still living in the same area.

When she arrived to pass time with that family, people started pointing fingers on her, remembering her childhood. Zainab, once again could not accept the disrespect for her daughter (Meharun Nisa) and Mehar had to leave again to go back to Alina ‘s House, where she had been a respectable citizen always.


Director Kamran Qureshi, Actor Talat Hussain, Actress Bushra Ansari filming Tv Movie “Born Forbidden” 2004

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