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TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Abid Ali, Badar Khalil, Qaiser Naqvi, Sanam Iqbal and Rashid Farooqi.

Tagline: Raped in enmity, rejected by family, she was forced to abandon her son to a temple.

WAY TO HOPE Aka MAHINDAR SINGH, is one of the many stories during the independence of Pakistan and India from British rule in 1947. Hajira and Yousuf migrated from India to Pakistan among other Muslims. They lost their son during riots and their daughter Sakina did suicide in the same period to avoid being captured and exploited by rioters. On the way to Pakistan, Hajira and Yousuf find Zubaida unconscious without any clothing, being raped and thrown on the roadside. They bring her along and keep her with them in Pakistan.

Yousuf starts working as gardener and Hajira stays at home with Zubaida who never speaks nor eat. Both Hajira and Yousuf tries to persuade her to forget the past and start living in present. After few days, they find out that Zubaida is pregnant. She tries to do suicide but they save her. Hajira asks her that she will not let Zubaida see the baby’s face and will send it away but she has to wait until the birth. When the baby is born, Hajira asks Yousuf to take the baby and leave him somewhere but Yousuf can’t do that and brings baby home.

Once seen, Zubaida’s motherhood doesn’t allow to throw away her baby and she keeps him. When baby is six months old, Zubaida meets her mother at the hospital where her brother sees the baby and asks whose baby is he? He then tells his mother that Zubaida can’t come to their house until she gives the baby away, which she refuses.

One day, brother goes to Hajira’s home, picks the baby but Yousuf stops him from taking the baby. He tries to kill the baby but Hajira calls men from neighbors and brother has to leave. Zubaida then goes to a Gurdwara (Temple) and gives the baby to the Guru.

After almost seventeen years, when war breaks between India and Pakistan in 1965, Zubaida is old and alone. Brother comes and tells her to go with him due to area being evacuated but she refuses. She can’t prepare herself to leave the place where she has the memories of baby, Hajira and Yousuf. Brother goes and there comes a teenager Sikh boy. Hajira pulls a knife to defend herself and upon asking he tells that he is her son.


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