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DIRECTOR – Winner: Best TV Drama Director for Kamran Qureshi & Winner: Best TV Drama Writer for Zafar Meraj.






TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Nida Yasir, Rubina Ashraf, Yasir Nawaz, Latif Charlie and Aslam Lattar.

Tagline: Starved to death in lieu of giving shelter to an orphan child.

MPECCABLE Aka MASOOM, Nomi, an eight year old boy from neighboring orphanage, was a friend to Mano (cat), Mithu (parrot) and other birds in Sultana’s house. He used to jump in her garden and talk to the birds secretly. One day Sultana saw him from back and complained to the in-charge but could not mention who it was. In-charge could not help. Sultana then arranged to have fence on the walls to save her birds. When Nomi watches it he jumps in again to steal at least one bird before the fencing stops his way. Unfortunately, Sultana catches him and hand him over to In-charge who punishes him severely.

Next morning, Sultana gets amazed to see neither of birds or cat ate anything. She goes to Orphanage and asks if she can borrow Nomi for some outing, which is refused by In-charge. She then asks her brother to speak someone influential to adopt Nomi. Nomi is being adopted and starts living happily with Sultana, who herself didn’t marry to raise and educate her siblings. Now when they all were well settled, she enjoys her life with adopted son Nomi. In the meantime, Nomi’s grandfather come to orphanage and claims for him. In-charge takes him to Sultana who is surprised and shocked to see him.

She doesn’t return home after school and goes to her brother Nasir, who tells her to return Nomi. Nasir gets a call from In-charge and Sultana escapes from his home with Nomi. She passes time outside and doesn’t return home. They give ads on TV and press, she returns home in night one day and asks Nomi to lock the gate from outside and jump inside.

Sultana gets sick but doesn’t go to doctor. They remain locked inside until the water finishes at home and Sultana is so sick that Nomi couldn’t bear anymore and goes out to get her a glass of water. Outside, In-charge and grandfather see him and follow him. When he arrives back, Sultana is sitting still in bed with eyes open. He tries to wake her up thinking she will speak until In-charge arrives on spot and finds Sultana dead.


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