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DIRECTOR – Won Best Actress Award






TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Mehmood Akhtar, Shehla Qureshi, Ali Afzal and Naila Jaffri.

Tagline: Woman’s destiny was mental hospital after giving birth and losing husband during accident.

AN INSANE LAUGH Aka MEHAK, Seema gives birth to a baby girl on the way to hospital after a road accident and loses her husband Imran. Her sister and brother in law arrive hospital and informed about the tragedy. When Seema comes in conscious she asks about Imran. And tries to find him in other wards when told that due to accident he is injured. She gets raged and doesn’t even care about watching baby. She can’t absorb the bad news of his death and turns out to be a mental patient in next few days.

Imran married Seema out of his parents’ approval so when his parents come to hospital to collect his body, they tell Naila to keep the child and they don’t need it. Seema is being sent to Mental hospital. Naila takes the baby girl home and tries her best to pull Seems back to her present by bringing her baby during visits. Seema becomes violent day by day and lives only in the memory of Imran.

Naila’s husband is never happy to keep the child. After six years, there comes no positive change in Seema’s condition except that she keeps quiet mostly. Naila’s husband, already worried due to financial problems, persuades her to send the child to orphanage. Naila doesn’t want to send the child but has no choice. When they are on their way to orphanage, Naila stops at Mental Hospital to have a look at Seema. Beena, Seema’s daughter also gets off the taxi and follows Naila inside. When Seema watches Beena, she has something in her eyes.

Naila sends kid to play near the door but Seema keeps watching her and when another woman comes near Beena, Seema rushes to escort her and beats the other woman. Naila takes the child and runs outside due to chaos. Seema runs after Naila crying and shouting that “this is her daughter”.


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