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DIRECTOR – Nominated: Best Supporting Actor for Shafi Mohammad Shah






TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Fahad Mustafa, Sakina Sammo, Shafi Mohammad Shah, Salahuddin Tanyo, Asad Qureshi and Hareem Qureshi.

Tagline: One of her twin son taken away by the Saint who prayed for her childless life.

LOST HALF Aka MANNAT, Shehnaz tried to do suicide due to her and Aftab having no children until after ten years of their marriage. One day a beggar came to their doorstep. Aftab asked servant to give him food but Shehnaz being annoyed with fake beggars, tried to stop Aftab. The beggar listening to her conversation offered her to take her to a saint who will pray for her to have children.

They went to the saint, who prayed for them. Shehnaz saw a dream that saint gave her two roses. She got pregnant and had twin boys. They both went to the saint again and insisted him to ask for something as they wanted to give him something. Saint asked them to leave one of the babies there. Shehnaz got raged and left taking one baby, but Aftab gave the other baby to saint before leaving. Shehnaz didn’t want to give any baby and tried to go back into get the baby back but Aftab did not let her.

The saint used to come to the place once every year, so Shehnaz started going to the shrine every year same day to find her baby until her son was an adult. It was his birthday and she was again not home like every year, he argued with his father who told him that they both will fight her when she comes back and offered to go and bring her back. But the son refused and told his father that he himself will go to bring her back.

Shehnaz found her second son fortunately after so many years at shrine and was really glad. She took the boy with her and set off for home. The other son had an accident on his way and died. When Shehnaz arrived home, she saw the ambulance at home and when she entered in with her second son, she found Aftab crying on the dead body of first son. She was destined to have one child at a time, however she wanted to get both of them together.


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