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TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Azra Siddiqui,Adnan Jeelani, Parveen Akbar, Rashida Yaqoob, Sajida Syed & Hareem Qureshi.

Tagline: Baby girl exchanged in hospital to buy son.

UNWANTED DAUGHTER aka MADAWA, Samina had a daughter already and was pregnant second time. Her mother in law told her mother, Salma, that she only want a grandson, in-case of having baby girl she won’t accept Samina back in her home. Salma takes Samina to hospital with Irshad, Samina’s husband, where Samina gives birth to a girl. Salma tells her friend Ghazala, the midwife, to do something and she won’t take a girl home otherwise the old lady won’t accept her daughter. Salma gives Ghazala some money to pay whoever she needs to. Another lady in the same hospital in next room gives birth to a boy. Ghazala, with the help of nurses changes the babies.

Salma takes Samina home with the baby boy. Samina is not happy at all, when grandmother celebrates. She doesn’t care much about baby and grieved about her daughter. Samina starts going to hospital to get the information about baby but neither Ghazala, nor anyone else of any help. Irshad is a taxi driver and he catches Samina coming to hospital at her own in the early days after delivery. Samina lies to him that she wasn’t well. Salma curses Samina on not being happy and going to hospital. Samina goes to hospital again and get the address of lady by bribing the reception nurse with a gold chain gifted to her by Irshad on birth of son. Irshad catches her again and charges her on cheating him. Samina tells him all the truth. He takes her to the same address where Samina meets the lady and gets a chance to see her daughter. The house had signs of celebrations. Lady tells Samina that this is her first daughter after three boys and they are all very happy on having a girl. At that point being relieved, Samina accepts the baby boy as her son by heart. The fragrance of her daughter finally reached her lost mind.


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