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TV Movie (2002)

Usman Mustafa

Angeline Malik

Indus Media Group

Mohib Mirza, Aslam Later, Akber Subhani, M. Kashif Ayub, Junaid Butt, Hamid Mehmood Baloch and Obaid-Ur-Rehman.

Tagline: His conscience drove him to death thinking he was poisoned.

SPECIAL DRINK, Sheru, twelve year old only son of a roadside hotel owner, used to host people with his special tea made by himself. Very kind, well mannered child who was fond of studies but never agreed to go to big town for education fearing his father would be alone without him. An ill mannered driver, used to come to hotel and misbehave with waiters if something goes wrong. Sheru apologizes him.

Some boys come to the hotel and ask about nearby Mill, Sheru treats them very well and they promise to come daily for breakfast and teach Sheru something. One day a snake bit Sheru whilst he went to bring her school bag when the boys came to hotel. The boys tried to took him to hospital in their van but the same truck driver who left hotel sometime ago didn’t give them the way, not knowing who were they, and Sheru died on the way.

After few days when the driver came back to hotel, Sheru’s father presented him Special Tea, when driver asked about Sheru, father told him that he died and about a truck driver who stopped their way. The driver recalled everything. Sheru’s father kept filling his cup with tea telling him the details. Driver whilst leaving the hotel felt like he has been poisoned in tea.

He kept feeling that and on his way this time the boys were in front of him in their van. This time they didn’t know if something was wrong with truck driver and they didn’t leave the way for him. When driver arrived hospital he told that he was poisoned and he couldn’t survive. Doctor, when checked diagnosed that he had a heart attack.


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