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Kids TV Show (1994-1996)

Rimmel Khan

Telewise Productions

Salma Hassan, Jia, Tipu, Ayesha and Palwasha Zaheer

Nabiha, Maria, Irtiza, Iqra and Annie.

PADDLE POP KIDS CLUB started in 1994 with the name of Kids Club on NTM, a private television network, with an idea of providing entertainment and information to the children. The show had different segments hosted by talented children using their skills in hosting, corresponding, reporting, and interviewing.

After 92 weekly episodes, Kids Club was sponsored by Wall’s ice-cream Paddle Pop brand and named as ‘Wall’s Paddle Pop Kids Club’. A character of Paddle Pop Lion was introduced which enhanced children’s interest in the program. There were onset games like drawing, arts, questions and answers, physical activities, etc with outdoor field trips and reports to pinpoint environmental and social problems. In the segment, I Wanna Be, the participating child was given a chance to become e.g. police inspector. Child performed practical duties in uniform in the police station, doing raids in field to catch criminals, etc. Celebrities and famous people from different fields of life and professions were invited on set, where children could ask them questions about their fields, what they need to do to join that profession in future.

Movie Review where the review of any recent movie and its artists was given by a host child. Earth watch was a segment where a host would go to different places presenting reports like on litter, noise pollution, hospitals waste, etc. giving information about the topic, showing that physically and asking questions from public. In the segment Field Trip, a host child or some children from a school were taken to different places like Air Base, Fire Station, etc. where a pilot, or a fireman or any relevant person would give them some brief of how things work and information about the equipment used.

A correspondent used to present a report in segment Product Watch, where different products were shown preparing and their positive and negative points explained. These could be eatables or other daily life things. The show was useful and very popular amongst the children.


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