Drama Hee Drama

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Supervising Director & Producer


TV Talk show / Entertainment (1998)

Rubina Ashraf & Nabeel Zafar

Fasih Bari Khan

Rimmel Khan

Video Works

Drama Hee Drama is a show, which circles around dramas, broadcast on all private and national Television channels on one platform. The show included reviews of currently airing dramas, clippings of successful classic dramas, episode updates, interview of an actor on set about his life and work, visits to the locations/sets of a drama shoot and chit chat with cast and crew, ratings of best drama / actors /actresses of the week and public opinion.


Director Kamran Qureshi, Host: Naveen Naqvi, Actor/Guest: Adnan Siddiqui, DOP Irfan Ahsan and Producer Nadeem Kazmi filming TV Show ‘Drama Hee Drama’ in 1998.

Posted by Talk Show ‘Drama Hee Drama’ on Tuesday, 16 December 2014

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