Sons Of The Soil

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Host & Singer





TV Documentary Film (2002)

Jawad Ahmad

John Thornton

Shamoon Hashmi

Jawad Hamid Raja

Avtek Media Group

Sons of the soil (Hardam Tayyar series part-1) is a documentary about the readiness and preparation of Army, during escalation on border area and for any expected problems. It reflects different cores of Army responsible for Tanks, Transportation, Aviation, Radars, Food, etc. their routine and is also a morale-boosting factor for Soldiers. It is to show the common masses that the Army is always ready to safeguard their country.

University of East Anglia (cite this):

Please see part-2:


Director Kamran Qureshi and Host/Singer Jawad Ahmed.

Posted by TV Documentary “Sons Of The Soil” on Army 2002 on Thursday, 24 April 2014

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