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DIRECTOR – Winner: Best Actor TV for Humayun Saeed – Nominated: Best Supporting Actress TV for Tehreem Zuberi.






TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Humayun Saeed, Zaheen Tahira and Tehreem Zubairi.

Tagline: A doctor accepts being crucified to avoid suicide.

SENTENCED FOR LOVE Aka MUJRIM, Jamal, a doctor, was brought up and educated by her single mother who got widowed when Jamal was only seven. She worked in people’s houses as maid and earned to make their living and for Jamal’s education. She passes a hard time for her son. When Jamal became a doctor, he showed his Mom the picture of a girl who then arranged his marriage. The girl was very obedient, good wife and daughter in law who started doing all the housework telling mother in law to only sit on the bed and rest.

Mother was used to of working all the time. Sitting and doing nothing was not acceptable for her. She asked Jamal to tell his wife not to forbid her from working. But Saima was not ready. She thought people will tease her if she will let the old lady work. Jamal’s mother got sick and stuck to bed. He couldn’t diagnose the problem. Saima told him that Mom had head lice and she doesn’t even let her touch her head. Jamal told her to use some shampoo but she said Mom usually remains angry with her. Jamal told her jokingly that once he had the head lice and Mom took all her hair off with a razor.

One day whilst at work Jamal got a phone that mom is very sick. He hurried home and saw that all people were gathered outside. When he went in he saw the Saima was sitting near Mom who had a bald head and was dead. Saima told him that she only took her hair off and she took poison and did suicide. Jamal took the same razor and cut Saima’s throat. Jamal was arrested and had a case in court where he accepted his crime because he wanted to die and see his mother. He was given a death sentence, which he accepted happily. A Sergeant at Jail persuaded him a lot and compelled him to tell his story. Jamal told him everything but never agreed to fight for himself. He was hanged to death.


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