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TV Movie (2004)

Zafar Meraj

Iram Qureshi

Evergreen’s Production

Tauqeer Nasir, Ghazal Siddique and Sheema Kirmani.

Tagline: Punishments were acceptable for a street beggar than to rent her child to overcome poverty.

A RENTED CHILD Aka MAZLOOM, Roofi, a seven year old boy, is taken off from school by his father, Majid, to beg on a traffic signal with him. Sajida wants Roofi to study and doesn’t like him begging but is compelled due to her husband. People give good amount in beggary to child and a lady even brings him toys and sweets.

Once the lady calls Majid, but being busy on signal he refuses to listen. Same night police takes Majid to Police station and leaves him after warning. Next day, Majid apologizes the lady and she asks him how much does he earn a day there on traffic lights. In the meanwhile, Roofi comes across an accident. Lady takes him to hospital for first aid and once attended, she asks Majid to give Roofi to her. She offers him money and drops him home. Majid thinks about it and decides. He goes to her home and leaves Roofi there. Sajida, his wife, creates a lot of fuss and insists to go and see Roofi.

Majid takes her there next day where she tries to take Roofi away. Majid brings her back home and beats her. She goes to see Roofi every day standing outside the gates of lady’s home. She is punished by her husband again and again but she refuses to give up.

Finally, one day when she is outside the gate watching Roofi going to school, Majid arrives and at homes he beats her severely about to kill her when the lady arrives and gives Roofi back to them, cursing Sajida. Sajida gets happy finding her only son back. But when Majid asks her to get Roofi ready to go for begging, Sajida decides and goes to the lady’s house giving up herself for a better life of her son away from begging.


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