Film & TV Director

Throughout his dynamic career in film and television, with drive, ambition and ability to get the best performance out of his actors, he has won…

Own Equipment

Kamran has his own RED Dragon 6K Digital Cinema Camera, Sound, Jib, Tracks, Lighting Kits and Edit and Grading setup.


Teaching and Research

Kamran is a PhD in Professional Practice Film, TV & Media. He teaches Film & TV Production; 3D Recording; Digital Media Theory & Practice…

Our News

Only Love Matters - Awards received

by Teamlondon on July 1, 2022

UK Reproducibility Network: consortium for world-leading research

by Teamlondon on June 30, 2022

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy UK

by Teamlondon on June 28, 2022

Winner Public Engagement Awards | University of East Anglia

by Teamlondon on April 28, 2022

Explores the stories of determination, selflessness, and sacrifices of dauntless mothers, from a new place every time.
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Nesvita Women of Strength
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