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DIRECTOR – Nominated for Best Director







TV Serial (2006)

45min each (1 – 20 episodes)

Bushra Ansari

Humayun Saeed & Abdullah Kadwani

7th Sky Entertainment

Bushra Ansari, Khayyam Sarhadi, Shabbir Jan, Shagufta Ejaz, Ayesha Sana, Shahud Alvi, Saleem Sheikh, Saira Khan, Fahad Mustafa, Sara Loren, Kaiser Khan, Naheed Shabbir, Myra Khan, Adnan Jilani and Jahenzeb Gorchani.

Tagline: Having extra marital relations & habit of ruling over residents of heaven like home, she made it a hell for herself.

HOME A HEAVEN aka MAKAN:A rich family of two brothers Nawaz (Khayyam Sarhadi) and Shehbaz (Shabbir Jan) own a Cinema House. Nawaz is married with a rich lady Bhabi G also known as Tayee G (Bushra Ansari) who is dominant and rules over the whole family members while Shehbaz is married with a typical eastern woman Mehru (Shagufta Ejaz) who is very obedient of her husband and in-laws. Nawaz has two children, Zahra (Ayesha Sana) and Akbar Shahood Alvi. Naheed (Maira Khan) who loves Akbar commit suicide after being refused by his mother Bhabi G to marry Akbar. Shehbaz often snubs his own wife and children, Jaffer (Saleem Sheikh), Gulfam (Fahad Mustafa) and Seema (Saira Khan) because of his Bhabi G to whom he is always faithful whether it’s a right decision or wrong. Shehbaz hides his divorce from family and is living with wife for twelve years. Nawaz’s wife (Bhabi G) had relationships outside of marriage with her brother in-law Shehbaz. Jaffer gets job in bank and he moves to his new house provided by bank. He helps Saima (Naheed Shabbir)from ex-husband’s blackmailing and later married to her. Zahra has two kids from her husband Azam (Kaiser Khan Nizamani) but not getting enough attention from him, she is having affair with her friend’s husband Shahid (Jahanzeb Gurchani). Ghulfam married to film actress Nazli (Sara Loren) and takes power of attorney for all property from Bhabi G by doing fraud and transfers all property papers in his wife’s name. Nazli and his malicious father takes over all the business from Nawaz, who can’t absorb the shock and dies in Heart Attack. Bhabi G gets paralyzed by pushing her down the stairs by Nazli and his father. Later Nazli’s father gets arrested in involvement of Bhabi G’s only son Akbar’s (Shahood Alvi) murder.


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