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TV Film Music Show (2000)

Veena Malik

Fasih Bari Khan

Ghazanfar Ali

Indus Media Group

A film review based program focused on released and upcoming films, interviews of artists, directors, producers, writers, stylists, makeup artists, music composers, lyricists, and many other people in the industry. There are four segments in the program, each one is designed to give a full picture of coming and going films and deep insight of industry. First segment ‘All U Need to Know’ is about the upcoming films, on location and set interviews, shooting clips, camera work, songs, acting, direction, etc. which give a taste of how the film would be, which team is working in which film, where the shootings are going on.

The second segment Focus is one of its own type, where the actors are given a platform to speak openly and say whatever they want to. The third segment ‘Back Flash’, is about the films which are on their backward journey or whether already had gone off cinema screen. It gives a brief view of what kind of film it was, how much business did it do, whether it was a hit or flop, how was it taken by the public, which artist became favorite and which one went down on the list, hit songs and stars. Fourth segment ‘Golden People’ was focused on stars from past, their golden experiences, their work, views and ideas about present films.


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