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TV Comedy Show / Candid Camera  (2000)

Hanif Raja

Ghazanfar Ali

Combine Productions

JOHN PLAYER’S GOLD LEAF CHEER-UP, is a candid camera comedy show produced during the celebrations of John Player Gold Leaf Voyage of discovery year 2000 and hosted by a famous comedian Hanif Raja.

In the first part, a big family of about 8 to 10 people was shown trying to hire an Auto rickshaw (maximum for three people) to go somewhere without telling the driver how many passengers are there. Lady pretended to be the elder sister having naughty younger brothers with her. In second part a famous singer was standing outside a shopping mall pretending to have lost his contact lenses asking people to help him find the lenses and some recognized him as well. In the third part, the host himself became a director and advertised for auditions of actors for a new program. Some new and some regular actors came to give audition and were given different hilarious situations where the host carries on with his humorous nature to play up with them.


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