Behind the Scenes: Director Kamran Qureshi filming TV Documentary Sons of The Soil, Flying Tigers, Power of The Sea in TV Documentary Series Hardam Tayyar in war zone.

Iram Qureshi – Winner: Best Talk show Award

Iram Qureshi – Winner: Best Talk show Award

National TV Awards 2002 – Winner: Best Talk show Award Ariel Maa Aka Ariel Mothers, directed by Kamran Qureshi.

THE NEWS International

THE NEWS International

THE NEWS International
October 2001
Review of “Talk Show MAA” by Farhat Anis

The highly emotional and a very popular show ‘Maa’ (Ariel Mothers) went successfully on air for the last whole one year and the last show is about to go on air on PTV with an interview of the mothers of Sania Saeed and Kamran Qureshi – the man who conceptualised, directed and shot the whole show with an high appreciation for his team mates… more

MAG – Jung Group

MAG – Jung Group

MAG – Jung Group
September 2001
Review of “Talk Show MAA” by Peerzada Salman

Without a jot of a doubt, if there was any program, run on our local TV, that really attracted the attention of viewers in recent times, it was “Ariel Mothers” … young and ebullient Kamran Qureshi held the reins and steered Ariel Mothers to unprecedented fame… more

Director Kamran Qureshi and Actress Sania Saeed’s mothers interview on the completion of an year (52 episodes) of TV Talk Show Ariel Mothers 2001.

Actor/Host Fakar-e-Alam

Fakhar-e-Alam speaking about Pepsi Top of the Pops and Director Kamran Qureshi in John Player’s Gold Leaf Voyage of Discovery 2000.
Guests: Najam Sheraz and Nausheen Qureshi.

THE NEWS Director’s Directory

THE NEWS Director’s Directory

THE NEWS Director’s Directory
November 1999 – Interview by Sumeha Malik
The evolution of television into a powerful commercial tool has been a fascinating one. Talent and energies have surged during the fledging years and numerous directors have left an indelible mark. In step sent out standard questionnaires to a group of young, individuals who are blazing a path through the world of camera, lights and action… Kamran working with good banners, plans on continuing in the television circuit. Having more experimental ventures he will go strength to strength and add weight to his reputation. ___SM … more


Women’s Own

Women’s Own

October 1998
Review of “Talk Show DRAMA HEE DRAMA”

In this 25 minute show, there’s a celebrity interview, besides ratings for 5 best actors, actresses and review of a current play, which is based on research by renowned journalists … The reviews appears authentic, and well required. Director Kamran Qureshi had indeed done a great job… more

Interview by Neha Ansari
One Day Apprentice (TV Youth Show).

Can you please explain how many stages are there in film and Tv production?

When you are filming you have to get everything together…

How do you know that where will you place the camera?

You advise your DOP about the mood of the scene…

Meeting on title song & music with Waqar Ali

Checking edit of TV Drama Serial in Humayun Saeed’s Production…

Editing table is where a good or a bad product can be made…

Leadership qualities are must for any director…

What are your achievements, as being such a successful director?

I’ll be more than happy to share my knowledge and experience with newcomers.

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